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At Hoole Roof Restoration, we are a team of passionate roofers who have brought this traditional craft into the modern world, providing quality services, from leadwork to sun tunnels, not only in the Hoole and Chester areas, but also within a further 30 to 40 mile radius.

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Colin and the team are invested in the quality of work they provide, and Colin himself has been around roofs for many years, climbing up them when he was just 12 years old alongside his father, who also had a successful roofing business. One of the earliest projects Colin was involved in was on the Duke of Westminster’s estate when he was just 16.

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From this early age, Colin channelled his passion and experience and eventually formed Hoole Roof Restoration, which has its own claim to fame: being featured on British TV show ‘Don’t Move, Improve’. We want to show that every roof has kerb appeal, and really do believe that the proof is in the roof!

If you’re in need of some roofing repairs or restoration, we’ve got you covered. We will carry out work within the Hoole and Chester areas on residential properties, but we also specialise in churches and listed buildings. We will also give your building’s exterior a full clean after completion. Just give us a call at Hoole Roof Restoration today to see how we can help you.

Give us a call today on 07970 162910 or 01244 329269 to learn more.