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About guttering

Guttering needs just as much looking after as the rest of your property, if not more. It has a massive impact on kerb appeal and the rest of your property as a whole.


Along with the rest of your roof, gutters will take a battering from the elements, suffering most from heavy rain, which unfortunately is not a rare occurrence here in the UK! Subsequently, gutters are subject to corrosion and blockages, so they should be inspected regularly.

Rain falling from the roof

Not only do damaged gutters look unappealing, they can have a negative impact on your property too. Gutters direct water away from your property and stop water damage, so it’s always best to get them repaired or restored if needed.

At Hoole Roof Restoration, we’re a team of passionate roofers who know what we’re doing, so we can sort out any guttering issues required. If you think you need our assistance, give us a call today and we can get the ball rolling.

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